Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political Endorsements and the St. Louis Tea Party: Besties.

The St. Louis Tea Party, as Adam has mentioned, is endorsing Ed Martin in his campaign for Missouri's 3rd District Congressional Seat.

The RFT's feature article this week confirms that straight from Eddie's mouth.

Okay, whatever, right? But wait...what's that?

Dana Loesch herself, Queen Bee of the St. Louis Tea Party (though Gina Loudon would challenge me to a wrasslin' match for writing that) and self-described co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party said:

"The St. Louis Tea Party doesn’t endorse candidates. We don’t even allow politicians/candidates to speak. Period. We’ve told Sarah Steeleman [sic], Todd Akin, Roy Blunt and many others “no.”

Huh. Well, that's interesting. Maybe it was just a one-time slip of the tongue.

Oh, oops, guess not.

Now, you'll notice from Adam's post that the St. Louis Tea Party announced its endorsement of Ed Martin on September 25, nearly a month ago. But have we heard from our media darling Loesch? Has she displayed any outrage over this endorsement, considering her adamant opposition to candidate endorsements?

I certainly haven't. I would expect the co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party to take great umbrage at a decision which so radically flies in the face of her insistence to the contrary.

Perhaps her silence owes a little something to this.

Or maybe she's just so busy using the name of the St. Louis Tea Party to catapult her to fame that she doesn't really care what they're doing so long as she continues to garner TV appearances.


You decide.


  1. Wow. Loesch being the chief hypocrite of Missouri... nothing new to her.

    BTW, the tags "dana loesch" and "tea party" should be separated, and/or add on "ed martin"

  2. I suppose she's busy studying her new editorial efforts at that other site.

    There she'll be practicing her wordsmith duties and introducing America to such priceless verbiage as "clicky-clicky" to show them how to get a link. Or post a headline like "WE WON" after the NY-23 Congressional district race in which her preferred candidate did not actually win.

    I can't wait to see if "comments" are left open on this site.

  3. She does not and has not ever had a clue what she is talking about. That's why she is such a good fit for the tea party and GOP!