Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Surprise! Gateway Pundit Cuts Off AP Quotation Right Before the Part that Vindicates the Carnahans

Tea partier Jim Hot (Gateway Pundit) recently wrote a blog post titled "That’s Weird?… State-Run Media Actually Reports on Carnahan $107 Million Wind Farm Scandal" about the bogus controversy being repeated ad nauseam by Missouri Republicans. Hoft quoted an Associated Press article extensively, but for some reason ended with this paragraph:
The Carnahans deny their family connections played a role in the federal renewable energy grant. Russ Carnahan voted for the stimulus act, and Robin Carnahan — who is secretary of state — has said she supports it. But the Carnahans say no one asked the Obama administration for money for the Lost Creek Wind Farm, nor would have that been necessary.
And, what, you might ask, was in the very next paragraph that Hoft left out? Oh, just a complete vindication of what the Carnahans said:
The federal government has long provided tax credits for investors and producers of renewable energy. The 2009 economic stimulus act expanded that by giving them the option of cash payments instead of tax credits for wind-energy projects completed in 2009 or 2010. More than 1,100 projects nationwide qualified for the program, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

"There is no discretionary authority from the Treasury Department," agency spokeswoman Sandra Salstrom said Friday. "We've got pretty rigorous application criteria. If you meet those criteria, we have to fund your project in 60 days."
In other words, the Carnahans not only didn't play a role in awarding the money, they couldn't possibly have played any role in the awarding of the money.

Just another day in right-wing journalism. Gotta keep those readers misinformed.

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