Thursday, October 28, 2010

St. Louis Rally to Restore Sanity at 1000+ RSVPs: Tea Party Express Draws About 100

The St. Louis "Gateway to Sanity" even in conjunction with John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity has now drawn over 1,000 RSVPs. This is in addition to hundreds of people from St. Louis going to Washington D.C. for the weekend to attend the actual rally.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express was in town and could only attract about 100 people:
Local Tea Party members are blaming “location confusion” for the relatively low turnout at Wednesday’s rally in downtown St. Louis.

It was slated to be held in St. Charles, but was switched to Kiener Plaza at the last minute.

About 100 ralliers did show up, and they remain optimistic about next week’s election.
In fairness, there was also another event last night with such luminaries (or should I say obscureraries?) as Dick Morris, Dana Loesch, and #pdk in attendence. That event had about 100 RSVPs according to facebook.

Now I predict that the tea party and lazy media will reference the 9/12 Tea Party event in St. Louis which drew a couple thousand people as evidence of the local strength of the tea party. However, that event was one of three national tea party events across the country organized by national groups like the Tea Party Patriots (the other two were in Sacremento and D.C.). It was representative of the tea party membership across the Midwest, and not the St. Louis area. Yesterday's events, however, were representative of the local tea party. Nevertheless, you just know the local media will continue to use that 9/12 number to pretend that the St. Louis tea party is more influential locally than they actually are.

h/t RFT.

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