Friday, October 8, 2010

Ed Martin Lies and Dodges My Question

Ed Martin was on the Jaco Report yesterday, and I asked him a question about the dishonerable way in which he conducted his campaign. Specifically, I asked why he encouraged his supporters to burn and throw shoes at photos of Congressman Carnahan, as he did back in February. I also pointed out the hypocrisy of him acting all offended about Congressman Carnahan pointing out that his wife owns over $100,000 in Big Oil stocks given that he had attacked Carnahans wife and late father just a few months ago. I have more to say about Martin's answer(s) below, but first here's the clip:

So, my thoughts on Martin's answers:

  • First, he completely dodged my original question. I asked why he encouraged his supporters to set fire to a photo of Congressman Carnahan, and he discussed a different issue, the recent Molotov cocktail incident (more on that below). Here's a screenshot of Ed Martin approvingly saying that "People are fed up with Rubber Stamp Russ" while linking to a video of people throwing shoes at and "torching" a photo of congressman Carnahan.

    And here's Gateway Pundit and one of Martin's campaigners acting like psychos:

    And at the end of this video you can see the whackadoodles setting fire to a photo of Carnahan:

    This is not appropriate campaign conduct, if Ed Martin had any decency he would have condemned it, not cheered it on.
  • Second, Martin's dodge is just sleazy. He says that the bombing was done by a Carnahan employee who "was not being paid." In other words, Martin was very subtly suggesting that the firebombing was actually Carnahan's fault. However, the reality is that the person Ed Martin is referring to was never charged with a crime because there was no evidence that he did anything. In fact, the former suspect has said that he was looking into lawsuits against people who claimed that he was responsible for the crime (without any evidence). Hopefully, Ed Martin is now on his litigation list.
  • Martin also claimed that Russ Carnahan said that one of his employees committed the crime. This is a blatant lie since Carnahan said nothing of the sort. Carnahan said all along that the investigation was ongoing, and thank goodness he did because the police have not charged anyone.
  • Martin never explained why he attacked Russ Carnahan's late father, Mel Carnahan in a post where he wrote:
    The Carnahan family has a long history of not protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Mel Carnahan, when serving as Missouri’s Governor, three times vetoed partial birth abortion bans passed by Republican and Democrat legislators. These vetoes marked a low point in our state and national history.
    If Martin is going to claim that his wife's Big Oil stock is off-limits, maybe he should think twice about attacking Carnahan's family.
  • Sean at FiredUp Missouri wrote about this earlier, but I think he described Ed Martin's position on abortion too gently. The reality is that Ed Martin thinks that rape and incest victims should be forced to give birth, no matter how they feel about the situation. It is a fringe position.
  • Finally, also pointed out by Sean, Martin lied for the umpteenth time about tax dollars from the health care reform bill going to pay for abortions. The tax dollars are not going for abortions! Get over it!

  • So, as you can see, it was typical Ed Martin. Spin. Lie. Dodge. Avoid. Lie. Dodge. Etc. Etc. Etc. We can not let this guy represent St. Louis in Congress.

    Thanks to Sean for the audio clip.

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