Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ed Martin Fanning the Flames

I wrote a few days ago about how Congressional Candidate Ed Martin spoke approvingly of the Tea Party rally where participants punched, kicked, and burned pictures of Representative Carnahan. Since then, Ed made his endorsement of their behavior explict by posting a direct link to the video on his facebook page of people kicking and throwing shoes at Carnahan's picture, including Martin's own campaigner:

Martin justified their obnoxious behavior by saying that they're, "fed up with Rubberstamp Russ and expressing their frustrations in creative ways." And check out how his campaigner was acting at the rally:

I think this, combined with the fact that the St. Louis Tea Party brought a coffin to Representative Carnahan's home the next day shows that this group is getting out of hand. If Ed Martin would like to be regarded as a serious candidate, he should start by condemning this kind of behavior.

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  1. The political ads for Carnahan's seat should be really interesting this summer. I can't wait to see how Martin's antics will reappear.

    NY-23, meet MO-3rd. Perhaps Loesch will be able to rnn a similar lede this November. Remember hew "We Won!" after NY-23? They have a funny way of defining victory. She may as well had posted "Mission Accomplished".