Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Once Again Distinguishes itself as Most Obnoxious in Country

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, National Tea Party organizer Amy Kremer, and even Bill O'Reilley accept the accounts of multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Representative Barney Frank, Representative Ciro Rodriguez, CNN reporter Dana Bash, and a Politico reporter who all reported that racial and homophobic slurs were yelled by tea party crowds in Washington D.C.. But here in St. Louis, our local extremists have been leading the nationwide charge to claim that the whole thing was a giant leftist conspiracy designed to take over the country.

Bill Hennessy has called civil rights hero John Lewis a "liar" and a "racist." Dana Loesch went on the O'Reilley Factor to peddle her conspiracy theories, and then lied about calling the Congressmen a liar. Jim Durbin said that Representative Cleaver, who was spit on by the crowd, is a, "A no-good, race-baiting hustler who holds his job because his daddy was an effective politician." And Gateway Pundit, who has been caught linking to race-baiting videos from White Supremacist websites in the past, is leading the charge with several stories calling everyone involved liars.

So what exactly fuels this absolute certainty they claim to have that no slurs were used? Basically, it all boils down to a couple videos provided by members of the tea party, that show Congressmen walking through the crowd. The St. Louis Tea Party claims that these videos don't contain any slurs, therefore everyone was lying. This of course is the equivalent of someone in Antarctica arguing that no birds can fly because they've seen three penguins. But equally important is the fact that the videos provided are not conclusive at all. Check out this short video:

There are at least two points in the video where the word n****r is arguably shouted. The man yelling at the 0:44 second mark sounds the most clear to me, and the woman shouting "booooo" sounds like she says it at the 0:16 mark. Do I know with absolute certainty that they said the n-word? No, its hard to tell. But it's also equally clear that you can't tell with certainty that they didn't say those words. And certainty is what the Tea Party is claiming, and what they would need to claim in order to support their allegations that seven members of congress and at least two reporters are all "lying." Their continued willingness to throw out inflammatory insults without support is truly pathetic.


  1. Must be a really comfortable place Dana is in to be able to call a civil rights leader a liar - and then lie about calling him a liar. She goes from zero to hypocrisy so fast these days it makes one's head spin.

  2. June 7th, 2009: Dana on the radio:

    "We are like the most behaved people ever!"

    Uh, huh.

  3. Let's not give Street Cred to Dana. That chickehead needs as many comments as possible to increase rating at the 97.1.

  4. Well, it didn't take long for the Klan ethics wing of the Tea Party to drop the pretensions that they aren't racists and that Universal Healthcare isn't about civil rights. I believe what really bothers their unconscious minds is the idea that US black babies might not have a 50% higher mortality than white babies anymore. The Teabaggers will have to comfort themselves with their remaining 'entitlements,' that 3x likelihood of murder and 8x of incarceration for these Obama fans must be enough for them.