Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Roundup

I was on break this past week and had an opportunity to do a fair amount of blogging. It was an interesting experiment, but I probably won't ever have that much time to devote to blogging again. Anyway, here's a summary of what I wrote about:
- First, a critique of a KMOX reporter's past behavior in relation to his sketchy reporting attacking County Executive Charlie Dooley. The Political Eye made a similar point in their weekly column.
- I criticized a report about Prop A in the St. Louis Beacon that left out a crucial detail, and to their great credit they participated in the comments and corrected the story later in the week. Since the same information was used in misleading Op-Eds in the Wash U student newspaper StudLife, I'm hoping they will also make some corrections.
- A thank you to the RFT for profiling me in their list of local bloggers.
- A critique of KMOX offering pre-publicity for the Tea Party protests, but not for protests from the Left.
- An examination of the St. Louis Tea Party's behavior after they claimed they would conduct themselves with "honor."
- Analysis of the Tea Party's astroturf hatred of SEIU.
- I reported on congressional candidate Ed Martin's making a joke at the expense of local teachers losing their jobs.
- A quick hit on the RCGA's support of public transportation.
- A response to Jim Durbin's latest conspiracy theory about FiredUp Missouri.
- A post that examines St. Louis Tea Party members disrespecting the America flag at their recent protest.
- More reporting: Ed Martin wouldn't correct a birther at his town hall, so Adam Sharp had to do it for him!
- Finally, a pretty complete takedown of the fake controversy about the Wash U gulag created by CBT's John Burns and James O'Keefe.
So it was a pretty busy week, but I hope I got some important information out there.

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