Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Durbin and Burns Prepare to Begrudgingly Speak with "Hippies' and "Socialist Clowns"

Students at Meramec Community College generously extended an invitation to the leaders of the tea party opposition to Proposition A, the ballot initiative that would restore and expand public transportation in the St. Louis region with a 1/2 of 1% sales tax in St. Louis County, for tomorrows Transit Fair. As you can see, tea partier Jim Durbin, who will be attending the event, does not have a lot of respect for today's young people. Says Durbin: And later: Now Durbin's smart enough to not act like that in public, but it's pretty amazing that he's willing to disparage the students who invited him to speak at their campus without even knowing anything about them.

And as for what John Burns, leader of the anti-transit group, thinks, you can see in his letter to Gateway Pundit that he believes the people who support Proposition A are, "SOCIALIST CLOWNS" who are trying to "DEFEAT LIBERTY" (caps lock problems from Burns's original). That group of "socialist clowns" includes Republican Mayor John Nations, Senior Vice President of Programming for the right-wing 97.1 station John Beck, and the Regional Chamber and Growth Association.

And speaking of Prop A and the misguided tea party opposition, Chesterfield Mayor John Nations has a fantastic op-ed in the St. Louis Beacon that corrects the misinformation Burns has been spreading.

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  1. They will spread whatever hateful and untrue lies as they can and manipulate uninformed people just so they can advance their own political career. That's all Durbin and Burns want to do, they don't care about anyone but themselves. Their ignorance and hate blinds them