Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Tea Party Taliban

It's funny that right-wing fanatics enjoy drumming up fears about Muslim extremism so much, considering that they're probably the group in the U.S. that most closely resembles the taliban's religious extremism.

Today, the tea party burned a picture of Representative Russ Carnahan after throwing shoes at it:

At the end of the video, you can hear the lady saying, "this is what happens when you don't represent the will of the people...This is how a fire smells when it's burning tyranny."

They also brought a "tarred and feathered" effigy of Representative Carnahan: Picture from Gateway Pundit.

All for voting on a bill to fix an unsustainable and inhumane health care system.


  1. Hate, fear and ignorance is what the Tea Party is all about - sad and yet very scary. Who knows how far they'd go to spread their messages of hate? I saw them out today and just driving by them gave me the willies. A group being driven by hate.

  2. Is it just me, or are they stepping up the Crazy Level to Really Fucking Crazy?

  3. "This is what tyrany smells like!"
    Let me check Google to see if they have a smell-o-vision plug in for Google Chrome. *checks google* Nope.

    They brought a giant banana to their protest.

    Meanwhile, if you want to talk about Western Taliban, let's start with the Army of God who after a long hiatus are back and heckling people in Texas.

    With year 2 of the Obama Administration in full swing and the Tea Party ready to sign their souls over to Christian Identity groups (having no clue that Christian Identity has nothing to do with anything that would be remotely considered Christian and everything to do with being a bunch of fearful white people forming a hate group), hopefully the Obama Administration has plans on take care of the crazy people.

    Forget the high demand for nurses. Psychiatrists will need to be in high demand!

    I'm surprised the Tea Party Movement hasn't caused a global shortage of Aluminum.

  4. I must've really P.O'ed Hennessy over at the Globe-Democrat (ironic name, isn't it?) in the comments section about the rally at Carnahan's today.

    I guess he didn't like it when I called him out about the Democrats who "changed the rules" on deem and pass.

    He couldn't even come up with a good strawman.

  5. Historically, Russ, the Globe-Democrat has always been a conservative newspaper.

  6. When Dr. Martin Luther King used non-violence as a tactic against racism, the force he was opposing was evident to most people. The danger we face from the Tea Party is perhaps more insidious since so many people are blind to it. We have many people committed to non-violence; we probably need new strong leadership for the movement.

    By the way, just to see one of many ways that government works well for people, you can read this article by Gloria Bilchik in the Occasional Planet.

  7. Russ, that is a fantastic smackdown of Hennessy at the Globe-Democrat, and one with broader implications for the debate. I think I'll cut and paste it into a blog post (giving you full credit, of course), unless you've already written it up somewhere or are planning to.

  8. I haven't checked this morning, but I imagine the TP'ers are still attacking me. Mr. Hennessy actually devoted time at the Tea Party site to his rebuttal. I'm honored.

    Still, I haven't seen evidence by him or others where he was right about the Dems who "changed the rules".

    I was going to do a post at but Jay's site is usually reserved for national/international stories. Seldom do I post anything there that might be conssidered local to StL.