Monday, March 22, 2010

Ed Martin Approves of Tea Party Rally Where Participants Burned Photo of Russ Carnahan, Had Small Children Throw Shoes at Him

Ed Martin has been with the tea party from the beginning, but his support for their increasingly irresponsible behavior is now beyond ridiculous. Martin approvingly posted photos two days ago from the rally outside of Representative Russ Carnahan's office:
At the protest, organized by Martin's close friend Bill Hennessy, the tea party kicked photos of Carnahan, brought an effigy of Carnahan tarred and feathered, encouraged a small child to throw shoes at a picture of Carnahan, and then burned the picture of Carnahan while saying insane things like, "I love the way fire smells when it's burning tyranny." By the way, these were not the actions of a small group of "kooks," but were encouraged by the rally organizers themselves.

Since they proudly posted the video on youtube, you can see for yourself:

Other noteworthy actions from the St. Louis Tea Party this weekend: carrying a coffin to Congressman Carnahan's house to protest all of the imaginary people who will die under "Obamacare," saying that Representative Cleaver is, "A no-good, race-baiting hustler who holds his job because his daddy was an effective politician," after Cleaver was spit on by tea party protesters in D.C., and calling civil rights hero John Lewis a "racist," after Lewis was called the N-word by the same extremists.

Any politician who wants to be taken seriously would denounce these actions, not approve of them.


  1. After the votes were announced last night and the Tea Partiers outside heard the results, they began singing the National Anthem and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

    I imagine these educated voters don't realize that the original Pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, a Christian Socialist.

  2. I counted the number of protesters that were in the first shot that showed everyone lined up on the street. Being generous and erring on the side of over-counting, I still did not get more than 150 people (counting those that were just walking around, children, etc...) Not quite the 500 figure they used.

  3. The TP'ers use Karl Rove's math - old and new.

    At the 1st Tea Party under the arch, Hennessy told a reporter "Originally, I was hoping for 50 so we've got about 10 times what I thought we were going to get. So obviously we've touched a nerve."

    See, hoped for 50, 10 X 50 = 500. But now if you read their blogs, the crowds swelled from 500 to 1000, then even to 1500.

    It's like the Kiener Plaza party. Kiener's capacity is 3,000. Loesch said they had 6,000. Then I read another report that there were 10K.

    It's no wonder they can't understand the CBO projections re: HCR. They can't count!