Tuesday, March 9, 2010

KMOX Publicizes Protests from the Right, but not the Left

KMOX, which is competing with 97.1 to be the official media outlet of the "grassroots" tea party, wrote an article today giving advance publicity to the St. Louis Tea Party's rallies in St. Charles and St. Louis in conjunction with President Obama's visit. But they unsurprisingly failed to mention that there would be groups on the left rallying for a public option and for a clean energy bill. Boy, it sure makes it a lot easier to be a grassroots movement when you have your own corporate radio stations!

Another interesting item from the article: Bill Hennessy of the Tea Party claims that, "the real answer to America's health care dilemma is to convince people to adopt healthier lifestyles." I can see that he's given some serious thought to this issue. We can always count on KMOX to give airtime to Bill Hennessy's gut feelings while ignoring those damn dirty hippies with their "data analysis," and "citations of actual statistics."


  1. Bill Hennessy, for healthy lifestyles? You mean the guy who wants everyone to smoke everywhere? Oh, riiight. He's fighting for their right to pollute the lungs of ther people. What a hypocrite. Rights for me, but not for you seems to be the motto of the Republican Party. But then again, the Democratic Party seems to be full of just as many whores as the 'Pigs.

  2. KMOX Station Manager: "Must. Not. Lose. Rush!"

    It will happen. Much like how they lost the Cardinals and the Tigers to KTRS.

    If I have to hear that tape of Johnny Rabbit "on Route 66" one more time...GRR!

  3. Rush Limbaugh and KMOX`s right wing stance is exactly why I don`t listen to KMOX anymore.It USED to be the "Voice of St. Louis" but no more.