Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ed Martin Laughs at Teachers Losing Their Jobs-Updated

Ed Martin, the perfect illustration of how the St. Louis Tea Party is nothing more than an arm of the Missouri Republican Party, put out the following obnoxious tweet today:
Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn't a candidate for office have enough decency to not use people losing their jobs to make a far fetched political attack? Shouldn't a candidate for the U.S. House know better than to make a sarcastic joke at the expense of people whose lives have just been turned upside down?
Just goes to show, as the Post-Dispatch has already illustrated, that Martin is willing to slime anyone and anything to achieve his political objectives.

Update: A couple parents of children in the Lindbergh School district react to Martin's comment over Twitter:


  1. Hey Ed--it's the Missouri Legislature (you know--the Republican led Missouri Legislature) that won't allow the stimulus money to go to education, social services, healthcare etc...

  2. Yet another example of how he lacks the class and grace to represent us in Congress.

  3. Martin is pawn of the Republican Party. It is difficult to understand the needs of many when you have a vision that narrows into a singular focus.