Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You to the RFT!

This week, the RFT has a feature on 13 "must-read" blogs from the St. Louis region, and St. Louis Activist Hub was included among them. It was very cool to be included among blogs I greatly admire like Angry Black Bitch and Ecology of Absence. As part of the deal, I was asked to pick my three favorite blog posts: I couldn't really chose a "favorite," so I just went with what seemed the most relevant to the current political climate.

Anyway, I remember going on a rant a while ago about the state of St. Louis media. A couple people jumped in and mentioned that my sweeping claims left out some really good work by the RFT. I've been paying more attention since then and I have to say that it is really true that the RFT is often willing to cover stories that are ignored by other sectors of the local media. We're lucky that the RFT is able to provide us with some great stories (along with some others that are clearly designed for entertainment value rather than journalism), and it's an honor to have been chosen.

RFT, I raise my organic, fair trade, soy milk latte to thee!


  1. Congrats on being included! You are doing good work! Keep it up.

  2. That article is the reason I found out about this blog, and what a great find! You and the RFT rock!