Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dana Loesch Embarrases Herself on The Factor, Lies About Lying (long version)

You know you've gone pretty far off the deep end when a conversation with Bill O'Reilley ends up with him looking like "the sane one."
O'Reilley for some reason had Dana Loesch on his show to discuss the recent events where members of the Tea Party crowd in Washington D.C. yelled racial and homophobic slurs at members of Congress. Loesch went off on her ridiculous argument that because she saw a 20 second clip where it wasn't obvious whether slurs had been yelled, she had OMG PROOF that no slurs were yelled. Of course, several different politicians as well as a CNN reporter and a Politico reporter said they heard slurs, and Michael Steele as well as a national tea party leader denounced the slurs. O'Reilley tries to throw her a lifeline by saying that it's unfair to characterize the actions of the whole crowd by the actions of the few, but Loesch wasn't having it and dove straight back into her conspiracy theory that all of the congressmen were making the story up.

Loesch then goes on to misrepresent the Kenneth Gladney incident by saying (2:55), "I find it incredibly disingenuous for people on the left to completely ignore and suppress that incident when it's on tape frame by frame you can see it happen." Actually, after originally claiming that the assault was captured on tape, the local tea party had to change their story to claim that the assault was not actually on tape because the video only shows Perry Molens pulling Gladney backwards while their official story is that Gladney was "brutally beaten" by several people including Elston McCowan (who was on the ground at the beginning of the video).

But that wasn't even the biggest falsehood expressed by Loesch. At the 4:20 mark of the video, after being called out by O'Reilley, Loesch claims, "I'm not saying that he's lying, I'm saying there's no proof that supports what he said." That's funny, cause I seem to remember something different. You know, something like this:

Yup, Dana Loesch, busted lying. Again.

One last thought: probably the reason that Loesch can't go along with O'Reilly's claim that it's just a few whackos is because in St. Louis it's not just a few random people but rather the tea party leaders themselves who do extremist actions like burning photos of Congressmen and carrying coffins to their houses.


  1. What I love the most I think is that also at 4:20, O'Reilly said 'You can't say he lied about being called a racial remark, THAT'S ABSURD,' (emphasis mine) though Dana kind of stepped on it so it's hard to tell.

    At any rate, if that is what he said, good for O'Reilly for telling her that her statements were absurd! Imagine. Me, agreeing with Bill O'Reilly.

  2. What's absurd is to say that because you voted for hcr, you have no credibility and therefore are lying. Luckily, OReilly called her out on that. That's straight stupid. Also, again with the stuff about Gladney??? What's up with this chick always on about Gladney? So if the video doesn't show Gladney being brutally beaten, and she says he was, and no charges were filed..what does that say about her credibility, by her own standard?!?! Apparently, if you say something happened, but it's not on video, it didn't happen??? What a maroon.