Friday, March 5, 2010

Coffee Party Kicks Off in St. Louis

The St. Louis Chapter of the National Coffee Party movement had its first meeting last night:

This coverage must be exactly what coffee party organizers hoped for. The Coffee Party organizer explained that they were all about having constructive dialogue and willing to discuss issues with the other side, and then Tea Party leader Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) reinforces the contrast by immediately going on the attack against the Coffee Party. Thanks for reinforcing the talking points Jim!


  1. When will Hoft learn to use the brain inside his head? My guess is never.

  2. I don't know, when will we learn to start an actual grassroots movement instead of trying to use some Hillary hack who claims to be anti-establishment?

  3. I think it's a good idea since it's guaranteed to get media coverage of an opposing position to the Tea Party. It directly highlights their inability to engage in reasoned arguments.

    It certainly doesn't do anything to prevent other people (including you) from doing their own organizing.

  4. Very Cool. Kick it at Coffee Cartel as Liberals. I'm down.

  5. Can't wait to attend on March 13th. Every news story I hear about the Repub lunatics in Congress infuriates me.

  6. Although I am supportive of the Coffee Party in principle, I am distressed by a recurring meme this party is not a political group.

    I've already seen an email announcement for the party that was forwarded to a non-political listserv, prompting a brief flame-war, because the announcements's claim "this is not a political solicitation" was seen as being quite clearly untrue.

    The Coffee Party needs to be as direct as possible about its aims as a political grassroots movement, whether partisan in nature or simply pragmatic. Advocating for more civility in political discourse, more civic engagement, etc., are all great, but it is still the elected officials who hold greatest influence over these things.

    The Tea Party continues to claim it is neither political or partisan, and whether you find that claim sincere or outright diversion, it's very clear that this claim has eroded the TP's credibility over time. The Coffee Party would do well not to fall into this trap.