Monday, March 29, 2010

Gateway Pundit Keeps On Misinforming!

Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft says blatantly false things so often that it's not even worth it to try to catch them all. But he's had three especially amazing whoppers in the last week that show perfectly the type of work that characterizes his propaganda blog.

First, he "reported" that Eric Cantor's office had been shot at, a claim that was contradicted by the police, who said the bullet had been randomly fired in the air. Hoft never corrected his story.

Then, Hoft had a screaming headline: North Korea Attacks & Sinks South Korean Ship!

Actually, North Korea had nothing to do with the ship sinking. Hoft actually did correct this one, but it's amazing that he's was willing to scream that North Korea attacked when even the news sources he cited were not making that claim.

And finally, Hoft today linked to a story claiming that a famed global warming activist had frozen to death in Antarctica:

Only problem: Hoft's source, EcoEnquirer, is a satire site. Whoops!

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