Thursday, October 28, 2010

Roy Blunt Generating Headlines By Running Away

Roy Blunt's intense fear of anyone who might ask him a question is now generating local and national headlines. NBCActionNews in Kansas City had a headline "Roy Blunt Refuses to talk about a campaign controversy" and wrote the following:
Blunt greeted supporters with smiles.

But when reporters wanted to talk, Blunt was on the defensive, saying he would take only one question.

So it was about the controversy over letters he wrote to try to help an immigrant woman 20 years ago.
When asked about his previous false statements, here's what happened:
Blunt would not say whether he knew the woman.

When he's asked again, Blunt returns and forcefully repeats what he said before:

"We put a statement out on that at the time. And it's exactly accurate. You read it , you know what it says."

Blunt then walked away for good, storming out of the event without taking any other questions.
KMBC's Michael Mahoney also wrote about the incident in a post titled, "Blunt Gets Testy With Reporter Over Immigration Charge."

Blunt was also featured in a Huffington Post article titled Roy Blunt Flees Questions About Alleged Employment Of Illegal Immigrant.

Maybe Blunt should spend the rest of his time before the election hanging out with the St. Louis tea party. That way, he can completely avoid getting any tough questions from reporters.

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