Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carnahan Supporter Gets Nail Under Tire, Ed Martin Sticker

A friend of mine reported that while leaving the UMSL parking garage he noticed that someone had covered up his Carnahan bumper sticker with an Ed Martin sticker:

He took the sticker off and left. However, as he was driving he heard a strange noise. When he checked his tire, he found a nail in it. Unfortunately, the parking garage did not have video cameras to record how it happened.

Obviously, Ed Martin is very unlikely to have anything to do with this: I'm sure it was just some misguided idiot. But it still was not just an act of vandalism. It could have put my friend at risk by damaging the tires.

In related but more creative news, according to Jim Hoft, someone changed a display from "Vote Ed Martin 4 Jobs" into "Vote Ed Martin 4 Blow Jobs."

Hoft's commenters, who usually spend their time viciously bashing the NAACP, muslims, and immigrants, have now all got the vapors that someone would dare use such a "vulgar" phrase. Kinda reminds me of the time that Hoft was so offended by a sex column in the Washington University newspaper that he just had to quote it in detail to show his moral indignation.

Image credit Gateway Pundit.

Update: I should note, if anyone clicks through to Hoft's link, the polling firm he cites is a laughing stock.


  1. You got me. I figured it was Rasmussen!

  2. Holy crap! My wife and I drove past this sign just this past Sunday. I can't believe we didn't see it. Funny. And thank you to the anon prankster!