Friday, October 15, 2010

Social Security Privatization Group Buying Ads for Ed Martin

Ed Martin previously said he was a big fan of the Paul Ryan plan, which called for the privatization of social security. Since that time, Martin has denied that he supported privatization. Funny then, that a pro-privatization group has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to run attack ads against Martin's opponent, Congressman Russ Carnhan:
A special interest group with a long history of pushing for privatization of Social Security is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash to further that goal by helping the campaign of fellow-privatization supporter Ed Martin.

NFIB, a business group that actively campaigned for President Bush's Social Security privatization scheme, is trying to influence the election with misleading attack ads because they know Russ Carnahan will fight to block their efforts to privatize Social Security.

"We cannot let Ed Martin hand over Missouri seniors' Social Security to the same Wall Street bankers that nearly ruined our economy just a couple years ago," said Angela Guyadeen, Communications Director for the Russ Carnahan in Congress campaign. "If Ed Martin really cared about Missouri seniors, he would tell NFIB he's not interested in the support of a group that backs privatization. But given his track record, it's pretty clear Ed will do just about anything for his own benefit at the expense of others. Three years ago, it was Missouri taxpayers who paid the price. We can't let Missouri seniors suffer the same fate."
Obviously, privatizing one of the most important social safety nets we have in this country would result in disastrous consequences. Get the full details here.

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