Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whoops! Kinder Walked Right Into That One!

Michael Kelley provides the set up:

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder takes the bait:

And Kelley delivers the punchline:

Yup, that was Ed Martin's evasive response when he was asked whether he knew anything about pedophile priests while he was a member of the Curia for the St. Louis Archdiocese. The website The Real Ed Martin asked whether Martin knew about the abusive priests and, if so, why he didn't report to the authorities, but Martin's response didn't answer those questions. Instead, he said:
I had zero involvement or authority on the adjudication or disposition of those accused of crimes or wrongdoing.
This does not answer the questions, and it's strange as well as a bit sad that many reporters seem to act like it does. Charlie Brennan knew that it didn't answer the questions, which is why for the first time ever, Ed Martin refused an invitation to come on his show.

Why can't Ed Martin simply say that he didn't know anything about the abusive priests?

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