Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Party Cites Polling Firm That Said Matt Blunt Was "Popular" in 2007

Dana Loesch on her radio program and Gateway Pundit on his blog have now claimed that Ed Martin has 51% of the votes in the Third Congressional District. The only problem? The Republican "polling" firm they're citing is known to be skewed towards Republicans by over 20%! The polling firm, American Viewpoint, claimed in 2007 that Matt blunt was a "popular governor." They claimed that 46% of voters approved of him, while 44% disapproved. Meanwhile, KCTV-TV in Kansas City sponsored a poll that showed that American Viewpoint was only off by 23%. Blunt actually had a 37% approval and 57% disapproval rating.

Even Ed Martin has not cited this ridiculous poll yet, and you know that if it was even close to credible he'd be flinging it all over the place! Of course, none of the details have been released.

Another Tea Party FAIL

Update: Checking out some other polling numbers from American Viewpoint. They claimed a Republican candidate was up 8 % in Georgia's Eighth District while a neutral polling firm said the Democrat was up by 12%. An American Viewpoint poll claimed that Stuzman was leading Hayworth by 27% in Indiana's Third District, while a New York Times Poll found the lead to be 17%. Looks like a track record of consistently getting numbers at least 10% more favorable to Republicans, and usually more.

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