Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jack Danforth Loses Major Credibility

Former Senator Jack Danforth is widely regarded as a political moderate and as a sort of dignified statesman of the Republican Party. I join Sean at FiredUp in thinking that this image is severely tarnished by Danforth's support of Ed Martin's candidacy for the House of Representatives in Missouri's Third District. It's not just that Ed Martin is a fringe extremist who claims that Obama and Russ Carnahan are trying to take away your freedom to find the Lord and says that Robin Carnahan is "the devil," although those points certainly do conflict with Danforth's supposed love of moderation. It's that Ed Martin has run a fundamentally unethical campaign, continuously lying, bullying, and appealing to the worst aspects of human nature , including encouraging his supporters to burn effigies of Congressman Carnahan. Oh, and of course there's his scandal-plagued years as Chief of Staff for Matt Blunt, where his unethical behavior finally got so bad that he had to be fired.

It'd be one thing if Danforth just instinctively voted for Republicans because he is one. But he's actively fundraising for Ed Martin, and hence attaching his name to everything that Martin stands for. Hopefully, Danforth will start to reconsider this poor decision and limit his involvement in Martin's inevitably embarrassing future antics.

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  1. Meh. Ol' Jackie-boy lost all credibility when he pushed a clearly unprofessional, misogynistic, unqualified cipher onto the American public and the Supreme Court. I've long since written off both brothers.