Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Infighting! Dana Loesch Takes A Swipe At Gina Loudon

I wrote earlier about how there appears to be a rift between St. Louis tea party leaders Dana Loesch and Gina Loudon. Thanks to a helpful tip from a friend, I now have strong evidence to back up that original comment.

From September 12, check out this tweet from Loesch:

But if you watch the video of KTVI's coverage of the 9/12 event, you see very clearly that they did interview Gina Loudon for the segment (towards the end):

In other words, Loesch is angry that KTVI interviewed Gina Loudon instead of "an actual STLTP organizer."

If Gina Loudon is not an "actual STLTP organizer," apparently no one has told her yet, because she is still traveling around to events promoting herself as a leader of the St. Louis tea party. For example, here's what it says for an upcoming Consevatives for Palin event in Chicago:
The C4P Meet-up Committee is happy to announce that Dr. Gina Loudon will be speaking at the meet-up in Chicago November 12th-14th. Dr. Loudon is very active in the St. Louis Tea Party movement and is the host of the Truth Show on 630 AM.
Perhaps the most tragic thing of all: they never mention each other during #FollowFridays on Twitter anymore. What is this world coming to, people?

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