Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trouble in Tea Party Land?

Is St. Louis big enough for two tea party divas? There was an extremely interesting comment the other day that read as follows:
There sure was a big distance between Dana and Gina Louden that day. Later Gina had on her Facebook wall:

"The beauty of years in politics and a fun run in the Capitol is that you know the prize goes to those who rise above, stay humble and focused, and don't compromise with evil. If only all the good guys could get that before they lose everything."

No sign of Louden at the tea party headquarters "grand opening the next day either.

There were only a couple grassroot leaders introducted by Dana on stage at the tea party, but their websites and other websites list dozens of them. Then you just know Dana makes friends all over the place. She needs to return her too-cool-for-school attitude to the actual owner.
Loesch bills herself as the "conservative alternative to old white dudes." Gina Loudon says she's the, "the freshest conservative, Christian voice in the St. Louis area." Hmmm, sounds kinda similar to me. Is Dana peeved that Loudon is copying her schtick? Knowing Loesch, she's probably threatened to sue for copyright infringement about 10 times by now.

Also, perhaps unrelated and perhaps not, Bill Hennessy posted this yesterday:

Is the tea party planning some internal beheadings? And, if so, are we sure that we can take "the general's" word on what happened?


  1. Well, if you look at Karl Rove today, he's bumbling around without his head. Seems he went astray from the Fox Republican Party leaders' party line when he professed his opinion about Christine O'Donnell.

    Oops! Apology first to Rush Limbaugh, of course, then to Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, in order of importance...

  2. Interesting... where was that posted at?