Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Frivolous Ed Martin Lawsuit Dismissed

OK, so maybe it wasn't a lawsuit filed by Ed Martin. But it was a lawsuit filed by a group he used to lead and a continuation of a strategy of being a "nusiance" that Martin openly embraced. And it serves as an important reminder that after Ed Martin was fired for illegally punishing a whistleblower as Chief of Staff for Matt Blunt, but before he started running an amazingly unethical campaign for Congress as a "tea party candidate", he was busy being a Republican hack operative who frittered away taxpayer money in an attempt to annoy his political enemies and garner media coverage. In other words, the "lost" years of Ed Martin are just as full of slimy behavior as his recent behavior and his disgraceful history in the Blunt administration.

FiredUp Missouri has all the details of the dismissed lawsuit by Missouri Rountable for Life and the relevant background. I'm just going to highlight a few parts of Sean's research that speak to the kind of "character" Ed Martn displayed:

  • First, Missouri Roundtable for Life is an extreme organization that claimed that a 2006 ballot initiative about stem cell research that explicitly said "No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being," was actually a secret conspiracy to clone humans.
  • In 20 months, Martin's Roundtable for Life filed 30 different ballot proposals, blatantly abusing the system.
  • In an amazing audio clip, Ed Martin admitted that he was engaging in legal actions to be a "nuisance," and called Robin Carnahan "the devil." Here's the full, odious quote from Martin:
    If you don't know this, you need to know this one thing: The Secretary of State in Missouri is the most anti-life, most obstructionist, most unpleasant, and one of the smartest people in public life in America right now.

    She is very, very devious. She does -- with a, with a clever hand -- she does the devil's work [inaudible]. It is easy when you see someone who is a terribly unpleasant, you know, nasty, hateful person, you say, "Well the devil's got a hold of that person."

    This woman, the devil, she's figured out how to really damage our efforts to do amendments to the Constitution, to do initiatives for other conservative, good government things. I mean, she will, she does everything for one thing in mind: politics of the left, and her own advancement.

    And Robin Carnahan, you haven't heard the last of her, I assure you. She's going to be running for the United States Senate. And, you know, it's an amazing thing. But, we have sued her. And have put her on the spot. We've litigated against her. Some of it, to be candid, is nuisance. We're sort of tussled with her to try to keep her honest. To be candid, it doesn't work on her. Because she doesn't need to be honest, doesn't want to be honest. But we've done it.
  • A different lawsuit, filed when Martin was still at the head of Roundtable for Life, was dismissed as frivolous:
    Plaintiffs' arguments of conspiracy and constitutional violations fail as a matter of law, are without merit, and rise to the level of being frivolous.
  • And now the latest lawsuit by Roundtable for Life (apparently filed after Martin had left, but in the same spirit), was dismissed yesterday, summarized by FiredUp as follows:
    "There is no indication whatsoever that Plaintiffs were denied adequate process," the decision reads, and "claims alleging...constitutional violations must be dismissed."
    Ed Martin has nothing but contempt for the government. And I don't mean that in the "he's in favor of small government" sense. I mean: he is willing to abuse the state and federal government in any way possible in order to further his own political ends and gain political power. He demonstrated this both when he was working as 2nd in Command for the state government and as a private citizen. There is no way we should allow this guy to be elected to a congressional seat to represent Missouri's Third District!

    1. The Debil! The Debil! Oh, Lard, save us! Save us! What a bunch of clowns. If they weren't so dangerous to the Republic, it would be utterly laughable. Fortunately, they are dying out, slowly but surely. This particular political animal's extinction can't come fast enough.

    2. Haha! That is an *awesome* comment!