Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ed Martin Exploits 9/11 for Political Gain

I'm all for people sharing their memories of and reflections about the tragic events from September 11, 2001. It was a catastrophic loss of life and something that is indelibly imprinted on all Americans who lived through that time. Its anniversary should be an event that brings us together in mourning and contemplation, but unfortunately shameless politicians like Ed Martin try to exploit that tragedy to attack their political opponents. Check out these paragraphs from Martin's post today titled "September 11th – Nine Years Later:"
Candidly, our cultural and political leadership have lost their way and are not taking the poorly named War on Terror seriously. They seem hell-bent to dither away the advantage our fighting men and women have purchased at enormous cost.

Americans know in our guts that we remain in grave peril, but the leaders in which we trust are indulging themselves in double-talking and handwringing, allowing the enemies of this nation to fight way above their weight class. America as it is represented today stands idly by as our enemies regroup, retool and rearm. They watch us like thieves might watch a guard who tipples while on duty, waiting for just the right time to slip past.

Those at the apex of American society have allowed their vigilance to be eroded, their seriousness diluted to the point that they say and do things before the nation and the world that makes a mockery of the perilous reality we live in, and the enemy watches. A list of particulars is unnecessary to those who understand, and those who do not understand are unlikely to be convinced by the likes of me. I am convinced that there are elements in the world who believe that America is ready to be struck again.
There are a lot of political statements I could make about September 11th, but I really don't want to today, on the 9th anniversary of the tragedy. Let's all try to remember to honor those who have lost their lives, and not try to use them to score political points in the next election.

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