Monday, September 27, 2010

Campaign 2010 Volunteer Opportunities

Here's the volunteer information for some worthy candidates and causes for the November 2nd elections:

Volunteer with Robin Carnahan.

Volunteer for Congressman Russ Carnahan.
  • Request a yard sign or bumper sticker.

  • Volunteer with Arthur Lieber for Congress, running against Todd Akin.

    Note: I didn't see a form for volunteers from Congressman Clay, and I don't think he has a very challenging race, but send me info if you disagree.

    Volunteer with Charlie Dooley for County Executive.

    "Come out and support Barbara Fraser by knocking doors in the 24th District. We need her to be the next strong and effective legislator in the Missouri State Senate. We have 2,000 doors to knock every single week, be the difference this week! Contact Katie at (314)863-2956 or by e-mailing ."

    Volunteer for Debra Lavender for State Representative.

    Volunteer for Vote Yes On Prop B to end puppy mill cruelty.

    Volunteer to Vote No on Prop A, a bill that would gut the budgets of Kansas City and St. Louis.

    Suggestions? Send me the info and I'll make sure to update.


    1. Adam, the links for requesting a yard sign for Russ Carnahan don't work. I even made a $20 donation, but "request yard sign" buttons led to an error message, "url not found."

      So where can I get a yard sign?

    2. Virgina, I'll forward your message to some people who should know.