Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Decides To Be Even More Subservient to Roy Blunt

A long while ago, the St. Louis took their shot at being a group that actually fought for the values they claimed to endorse. They held a press conference demanding that Roy Blunt endorse Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 race over Dede Scozzafava. They said that if he didn't, "We will vote you out! We will come at you with so much heat, you won't even know how to handle it!"

Roy Blunt didn't endorse Hoffman. He completely ignored the St. Louis tea party. And that was the moment that any claims the St. Louis tea party had of truly standing for conservative values rather than the same old GOP establishment faded away forever. The St. Louis tea party was broken.

Blunt's primary opponent Chuck Purgason did endorse Hoffman. But that didn't make any difference to the St. Louis tea party leadership. They still supported Roy Bailout Blunt, even as 28 other tea party groups around the state did not (and as, nationally, tea party groups took out Republican incumbents). At yesterday's tea party rally in St. Louis, the St. Louis tea party gave Blunt center stage.

Image credit: Jo Mannies at the Beacon.

But even more telling is that in a recent interview, Bill Hennessy is lamenting that the tea party doesn't grovel enough to Roy Blunt. Here's what Hennessy had to say:
Talking to Roy Blunt, he said, “It’s so rare when I or my colleagues does something that’s not popular to hear you, Bill, come out and say, “Hey, get off his back, he did the right thing. You may applaud quietly or write something nice about the legislation overall on your blog, but rarely do you step out and say, ‘No, we’re with him.’ But when we vote the way you don’t like, we sure as hell hear from you.”

He’s right. And I’d never thought of it….we want to change that…
Awww, how sad! So you see conservatives, next time someone says that Roy Blunt isn't actually a fiscal conservative and didn't actually balance the budget, you need to respond that it's all because the tea party just wasn't nice enough to him. That is, until Bill Hennessy came along.

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