Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unwavering Support for Paraguay

If I ever run for Senate, maybe I will include this as one of my seven “Common Sense Ideas and Solutions for Keeping America Safe and Strong”:

Unwavering support for Paraguay.

That's right.

Unwavering support for the small, landlocked South American country of Paraguay.

What’s that you say? That maybe there is something treasonous about declaring unconditional loyalty to a foreign nation thousands of miles from our borders? That I’ve taken an insane idea and relabeled it as common sense?

What I am describing is exactly what Robin Carnahan is doing, word for word. Except that instead of Paraguay, the nation to which she pledges her unwavering support is Israel. You can see for yourself at her campaign website.

I wonder what it would take for Carnahan’s unwavering support to start to waver. How about a massive Israeli spy operation against the American government and American citizens? What if the state of Israel discriminated on the basis of race against Americans who travel to the country? Or if the state of Israel killed and maimed American youth? Perhaps if the Israeli government embarrassed the president and vice president of the United States for having the audacity to ask Israel to temporarily slow down the pace at which it illegally colonizes the West Bank with Jewish settlers?

No, no, no and no. These things are all happening, yet they don’t deter Carnahan’s unwavering support for Israel. Facts will not stand in the way of her claim that “The U.S. and Israel share a special relationship that is based upon their shared commitment to the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights.” In reality, Israel is a militarily aggressive, Apartheid state. Its blockade of Gaza and continued colonization of East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank infuriate the vast majority of this planet’s 1.5 billion Muslims. America’s special relationship with Israel does not help maintain world peace nor does it make us many friends.

Unfortunately, although Carnahan’s unwavering support of Israel is insane by rational standards, it really does represent what passes for common sense in the United States Senate. A look at Roy Blunt’s website offers pretty much the exact same policy (without the over the top wording). Carnahan or Blunt - on this issue it doesn't really matter which you choose. There just isn’t a lot of debate in the Senate or on the campaign trail over America’s policy towards Israel.

There should be.


  1. I completely agree. America's unwavering support for Israel is a little bit misplaced. Though we have to credit America for being one of the most involved in developing a solution for peace to this issue. Nonetheless, too many people support Israel without knowledge of what they are doing to Palestinians. Palestinians aren't entirely victims, since they've done a few no-nos against Israel. But I agree that the issue needs much more discussion.

    I'm planning to talk about this issue on my Oct. 5th radio show on RiverfrontRadio.com. Hopefully, I can secure the guest I want to have on. If not, it will be me talking for two hours.

  2. Paraguay Rohaihy! Thank you for this post! Whether we are for or against a politician, we are obligated to push political powers towards truth, peace, and justice!