Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loesch Makes Sure To Respond to Tweet Saying She's Way Better Than Dave Glover

There are a lot of tweets addressed to Dana Loesch every day. And she is very selective about which ones she responds to. In fact, she ignores the vast majority of the tweets addressed to her, even from supportive fans. So it's pretty interesting that she decided to respond to (and thus highlight) a tweet stating that she is "way better" at radio than fellow 97.1 FM host Dave Glover. Here are the tweets addressed to her:

And here is her "gracious" response:

Notice she didn't say, "actually Glover's show is much more popular than mine," or "actually, he's really good at radio.' All she said was, "he's a friend of mine," while drawing attention to the tweets criticizing Glover. Fits pretty well with the "she'll throw anybody under the bus to get ahead" meme that is so prevalent among her former friends and acquaintances.


  1. Dana is all about the cash money, boo yah

    Nice point as always Adam

  2. I worked in radio and have been a listener of Glover's for years. If Dana was even close to his talent, or ratings, she would have the drive-time sweet spot and not him. Ratings don't lie sweet heart. Hell, a lowly board op knows that basic fact of radio life. Another reason why he's a better talk jockey than she is? He takes calls from people who don't necessarily agree with him and treats them with....gasp...respect.

    Karma, thy name is Arbitron.

  3. Well, and, Glover is actually kind of funny. Dana is just idiotic.