Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dana Loesch Says You Can't Buy Her Soul for $2,500...It Takes At Least $5,000

Earlier in the year, I pointed out that Dana Loesch had been ignoring Ed Martin's Republican primary opponent John Wayne Tucker until finally going on an unprovoked, unhinged Twitter rampage against him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Loesch never once disclosed that her husband's business Shock City Studios had received $2,500 from Ed Martin, apparently for the production of a campaign video. The story was picked up by Chad Garrison at the RFT, and this caused the Loeschs to freak out.

In addition to Chris Loesch's angry phone call to the RFT (which prompted a hilarious response at Punching Kitty), Dana Loesch wrote a long blog post addressed to all the "defamers and libelers" of the world who pointed out her conflict of interest. As part of her long-winded rant declaring that all of her critics were "stuffed shirt, Magic the Gathering trolls," Loesch provided this explanation:
Before this, before I was on in the day and full-time, Martin recorded a $2500 commercial at my husband’s studio, one of the top 16 studios in the world according to music mags and the biggest, most innovative, and least expensive in the Midwest. They do films, music, commercials, and recently worked with the National Black Caucus on a documentary. (OMG HEADLINE! I am a liberal plant! Tell the RFT!1!) Martin went with them because they were cheap and do good work and have a nationally renowned staff.
She later went on to say:
First of all suckers, if you think I’d sell my soul for only $2500 you’re stupid...
At no point did she ever explain why she, as someone who laughingly calls herself a "journalist," did not disclose the clear conflict of interest she had in hostng Ed Martin on as a guest of her show multiple times while blacklisting and finally attacking his campaign opponent. I guess that was all supposed to be OK, because Loesch went on to assure us all that she's "very clear about her ethics," whatever that means.

But what I find very strange is that while Loesch was ranting about how clear she is about her ethics, and explaining how she'd never sell her soul for $2,500, she somehow forgot to mention that they actually received $5,000 from Ed Martin, not $2,500. That's right, the $2,500 check previously mentioned was just one of two checks. Shock City Studios received another $2,500 check from Ed Martin in November of 2009. Here are the two different sections of financial reports:

November of last year (page 80):

And February of this year (page 115):

$2,500 + $2,500 = $5,000

Now correct me if I'm missing something, but if you were going on a long, self-righteous rant about how upfront you are about your ethics and how you have nothing to hide, wouldn't you want to point out that it was actually $5,000 you received from Ed Martin rather than $2,500? Wouldn't that be worth pointing out instead of pretending that all the studio got was $2,500, as Loesch did with multiple statements? She repeated the $2,500 number repeatedly, all the while knowing that it was actually $5,000. Why would she do that?


  1. It can't be a timing problem because both checks were dated at least 5 months before all of this came to light.

    So, it must be that Dana has no ethics. And her professional bio says nothing about graduating with a degree in journalism. But, it does state that she "contributes to Big Government and Big Journalism, substitutes for national radio programs, and appears regularly on Fox News and CNN."

    So she's a journalist in the same vein as someone who writes an op-ed piece. Or in the same way as Glenn Beck who has described himself as a "rodeo clown".

    Jeez, we're ALL journalists or one type or another!

  2. Because she has not ethics. As someone who is licensed and dedicated to a profession, there is a code of ethics I have sworn to practice by. Loesch has no license, and the only profession she has dedicated herself to is idiotic punditry. So why would she do that? Because she has no ethics. Probably doesn't even understand the concept of ethics.

  3. I love how the shameless plug for the studio she stuck in that rant, too. She's a promotion machine, that's for sure.

    This is all very fascinating. I'm with you. Why didn't she say, "They think we got $2500, but we got $5000!"

    Great job, man.

  4. Uh Oh. It looks like Dana didn't like this must be true for it to sting so bad.

    I noticed her tweet to @WUSTL at the same time you reposted this article. She is a liar and a nut and we all know it, I just wish she could accept that fact and move on with her life.

  5. $5K? And that's the money reported! Imagine how much money is being shifted under the Tea Party table.... disgusting.

  6. I am surprised you didn't mention Ed's payments to Paul Anthony Martin in Alexandria.

    Is this a family member?