Monday, August 30, 2010

Roy Blunt: Let Them Eat Tylenol

Video from KSPR captured Roy Blunt laughing at the idea that adults with pre-existing medical conditions should have access to health insurance. Apparently, he thinks those damn lazy middle-class people just need to work harder:

I don't know how long you'd have to live in a Washington D.C. bubble of cocktail parties and lobbyist dinners before thinking like Blunt. Life is complicated. Luck plays a role. And no matter how hard people work, there is no way that everyone is going to magically be able to find a job that provides affordable insurance or have enough money to buy their own as soon as they become adults. And people who have jobs that provide insurance are sometimes going to be in situations where they need to change jobs. In fact, America's economy has thrived because people have been able to take risks and switch or quit jobs to pursue other ideas.

But for Roy Blunt, if you lost your insurance and have a preexisting condition, you're out of luck. His attitude to people in that situation: "Go take a Tylenol and bother someone else."

Oh, and if you're a senior citizen, you really shouldn't bother him with your concerns about his trying to end Social Security and Medicare:


  1. While I think Blunt and the GOP are dead wrong on health care (we really should have universal health care), I am surprised with your use of these videos. I'm not sure how compelling this is. How often have we seen an Adam Sharp video proving Carnahan is a vampire or Obama eats kittens? Like you (I think), I am skeptical about these "citizen journalist's" undercover videos. I guess I just feel edited video is such a TMZ/STL TP tatic.

    David G.

  2. Interesting point David. The first video is from a TV News Station, so I don't think that's quite the same as a Sharp video. As for the 2nd, I agree that we should take all these types of videos with a grain of salt. However, it's actually interesting to compare this video to one of Sharp's. This video is just one long, unedited clip showing the interaction. Sharp, on the other hand, always cuts and pastes video and adds text that generally tries to misleadingly frame the discussion (for example, instead of showing the whole interaction he might just show a still frame of the guy with a caption "Angry Blunt Thug Tries to Intimidate Constituents."

    But sure, we should all apply critical thinking to evaluating any video we see. I think the main point of the post, though, is simply that Blunt is incredibly aloof from the health care problems people have to deal with.

  3. I like that these things are on video. For posterity, of course. Vote Apathy/Complacence 2012!

  4. Is there any possible way Blunt could be any more of a sociopath? "Who've done nothing to take care of themselves" Yes, you degenerate, because EVERY adult denied coverage just let themselves go. Even then, does not a sane and compassionate society take care of it's own citizens? You know, Roy, like any good "Christian" society would. Or does that simply offend your sick and twisted Calvinist tendencies? Let them die, so as to decrease the surplus population, no? Dark, Satanic mills, indeed.

  5. The ads against Carnahan say that 70% of Missiourians "oppose Obamacare." Where did they get that number from? Is it anywhere near true? I find it hard to believe that a state that has so many rural poor and farmers and such who most certainly don't have any insurance would feel that way.

  6. Snokat, Probably from the Prop C vote, which only included language about the mandate. It's difficult to poll about health care reform, because there's a lot of misinformation out there.