Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brain Nieves Refers to Assault Rifle as "The Nancy Pelosi Special"

Republican State Representative Brian Nieves, known for extremist antics and alleged to have assaulted the staffer for his Republican Primary rival (pulling a gun on the staffer Sean Bell, slapping and head-butting Bell while claiming he was going to kill him, forcing him to strip and lie and the floor, and using the n-word repeatedly) earlier in the year referred to an assault rifle as "the Nancy Pelosi Special" on his radio program "The Patriot Enclave." Nieves was discussing the fact that FiredUp Missouri had earlier posted a clip of him when he was discussing an assault rifle, which he referred to as "the Nancy Pelosi special," and suggested that FiredUp had referred to him as an "extremist." Here's the new video where he uses the term "Nancy Pelosi Special":

Other highlights from the full video of Nieves' radio show:
  • Nieves repeatedly referred to a different gun as "the preferred gun for assassins" (0:20) and said you can, "put like three rounds in someone's head before they realize they've been shot," (10:00).
  • Nieves defended (29:30) the use of the term "assault rifle," saying, "I understand what an assault rifle is for . . . that gun was and is designed specifically for the elimination of bad guys."

  • Now I can't speak for FiredUp, but I'm going to out on a limb here and say that, yes, Brian Nieves is pretty clearly an extremist.

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