Friday, August 13, 2010

Dana Loesch to Rest of World: If You Want Me to Notice You, You'll Have to Pay Me Like Ed Martin Does

Dana Loesch wrote a post a few days ago on "marketers, PR, and women bloggers" informing them that she, as someone who gets "40 press releases a day," does not have time "to fake desire to perform a function for you, for free, that most people with two brain cells to rub together either a) request payment for or b) offer some sort of reimbursement." She goes on to clarify:
Basically, don't send me your press releases or expect me to do anything other than hit DELETE unless you do two of these three things, a) being non-negotiable:

a) Realize that I'm a capitalist. I work hard to sustain myself and my family. If you expect me to take more than a fleeting glance of a moment away from my family for the sake of your product you best make it worth my while and while you're at it, have the same consideration for the copious amount of other women bloggers as well.
She also adds:
Also, big government be damned. I've disclosed in the past, a couple years ago when I still did a rare product mention, without Uncle Sam getting all up in my bidness.
As if to illustrate her point, Loesch was the only person this week who mindlessly passed on Ed Martin's dishonest press release pretending he had set up debates with Congressman Russ Carnahan without any comment. And this fits perfectly with Loesch's stated philosophy, given that Martin had paid her husband's business $2,500 in the last year. See, Ed Martin knows how to make it "worth her while", and she in return will pretend that he's a candidate that stands for government transparency despite the fact that he avoided state sunshine laws and abused his power as chief of staff by firing someone who actually did follow the sunshine laws. For the right price, even hiding Big Government operations from the public view can be totally Tea Party, dude.


  1. Well, hasn't she already received her 30 shekels?

  2. Burn!

    Also, can we talk about how what she wrote might be the least coherent post I've ever read? I mean, a) followed by a)?

    And she homeschools her kids. Ack!

  3. Thank you, Michelle! I read that last line over and over and over and still couldn't figure out what the f*ck she was talking about.

  4. Let me do some translating here:

    "to talk about stuff half of you don't want to hear. Them eeeeevil politickin thangs!" - why she is constantly insulting people with southern accents? I'm sure people with a southern missouri twang make up at least half of her fan base.

    "a) I'm a capitalist" - We can barely pay our mortgage and other bills and I need to get money anywhere I can find it.
    and "have the same consideration for the copious amount of other women bloggers as well" - why limit this to only women bloggers here?

    "there are a whole lot of women bloggers out there who don't recognize their worth, be it skill or with time" - and there are those who overrate it, like Mrs. Loesch

    "if you're like me, you receive on average a couple of hundred emails per day." - b/c I am SO f'n cool, even though I'll block anyone who confronts me on anything. That'll cut down on those emails.

    "and the like because there are women now able to bring in a little something extra to their households where perhaps they were unable to before." - women like me who have never worked a real job

    "regardless whether or not she's on the radio every day or a regular stay-at-home-mom working her skills and juggling kids, bills, and errands" - or what about a working mom who is balancing those things AND actually working a full-time job?

    I mean, basically she's saying that everyone better scratch her back before she considers scratching anyone else's. I for one am not surprised, b/c after all, her husband's montra is "there are no friends in business".

  5. Oh, and she also rushed to give the Jet Blue guy a high give, b/c, you know, she can relate to someone devoted to a career who feels under appreciated....


  6. I think we need to have a sidewalk BBQ outside her house.

  7. Was any one else offended "by up in my bidness?" What is that an homage to Rikki Lake?

  8. Thank you Michelle and Sara for pointing it out....that post is the worst piece of writing yet. This sentence dumbfounded me:

    "But please don't assume that a woman's time isn't valuable or that she has the time to dig the important emails out from under the debris of press releases, and don't hound her if she's unable or unwilling, because you as a marketer completely forgot the courtesy of making something worth her while, regardless whether or not she's on the radio every day or a regular stay-at-home-mom working her skills and juggling kids, bills, and errands."

    This from a woman who purports to be a writer and journalist who homeschools her children!

    The incredibly arrogant content of that post is rivaled only by the horror of the writing.

  9. I feel sorry for her children, I really do