Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Tea Party: Next Time, Try Reading The Newspaper

The latest fake scandal from the tea party is a claim that Russ Carnahan is "ignoring his constituents" because he didn't play along with Adam Sharp, the guy who follows him around screaming "Where's Beavis" (implying that Carnahan is Butthead) and taking pictures of Carnahan changing his shirt at a softball game. Naturally, tea party opportunists like Dana Loesch and Darin Morely tried to make a big scandal of this. Here's the video that they used for their "controversy":

Ooh! Ooh! Shocking stuff! Missouri's Democratic won't answer questions about an Islamic Community Center being built in the State of New York! Except, of course, that he already did answer questions about it. From Friday, August 20, in the Post-Dispatch:
Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis • "When Bosnians in south St. Louis County sought to build a mosque a few years ago, the community refused to let it become a political football, and at the end of the day, the entire community — Christians, Jews and Muslims — came together to find compromise. While it clearly wasn't as sensitive as this situation, I think the lesson applies. We should leave the politics out of this so that the people of New York can find a resolution that is right for their community."
So next time, oh brilliant tea partiers, perhaps you could try reading the paper or using this thing called Google before deciding to stalk Carnahan and scream about it.

Oh, and I like totally demand a retraction and an apology and stuff.


  1. Well, Sharp will get upset and threaten you for posting his video because it's his "intellectual property" even though I suppose it's considered "public domain" via YouTube.

    And don't forget to mention the misleading headline on by Jake Wagman: Russ Carnahan links ex-campaign worker, arson".

    Then there's the Dana headline: "Carnahan Confirms Powers Firebomb Story".

    Both headlines misleading because at no time did Cong. Carnahan confirm the person of interest as the actual culprit nor did he actually link him to the firebomb.

  2. Those who upload videos to YouTube get to decide whether or not they can be 'embedded' on other sites, or whether they will only be viewable at YouTube. Sharp might not realize this though.

    Even embeddable videos aren't really public domain, in that you're not allowed to download the video and then upload it to anywhere you want. The video still resides on YouTube's servers.

  3. As I recall the City of New York approved the Mosque. Perhaps these Tea Baggers could get back to their localism/devolution/states rights roots and let people govern themselves?

  4. I am assuming that Adam Sharp is the one who is following Russ and asking him time and time again "How do you stand on the Ground Zero mosque?"

    Sharp also claims to be Russ Carnahan's constituent...I wonder: Does anyone know if this statement is truthful?

  5. I'm not going to lie, but Russ Carnahan does look alot like Butt-head from Beavis and Butt-head in one of the photos. However, Russ Carnahan is the Anti-Butt-head. (Looks like Butt-Head, but not stupid like Butt-Head.)

    Adam Sharp on the other hand is still a poser. Still wearing your knock-off SEIU shirt and little pink camera-phone, Adam?

    Hey Adamn, Does your sister know you have her cell phone and are probably wearing her underwear to match it?

    Personally, I would gladly support Cornholio for president if that were possible. At least he knows what people want. TP for my Bunghole!

  6. Lol at Adam. Love the sarcasm.

  7. Adam Sharp is a ninny who latched on to Dana Loesch and sucked up to her and her cronies to build his "career". He is still a ninny, with or without them.

    But so is Rusty Carnahan, for one by adhering to his strict Southern Baptist upbringing. Oh wait, that's right-he doesn't.