Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea Party Moves Social To Be Closer to Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

The St, Louis Tea Party, supposedly about "small government," decided to move their Thursday Night Throwdown social to be closer to the right-wing National Organization for Marriage's rally opposing the right of same sex couples to marry:

Notice at the end that Loesch claims that the event was moved back to its original location. However, this appears not to be true. I stopped by CJ Muggs location and several tea party leaders were there. In fact, a few comments later, it's clear that CJ Muggs was the location of the social and that the would be returning BACK to their original location next week:

Hmmm, so apparently this "small government" group thinks that the government should intervene and decide which couples have the right to get married. There are only two places where this logic would make sense: in bizarro world and in the mind of St. Louis tea party leaders.

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