Friday, August 6, 2010

Gina Loudon's Life Destroyed By People Getting Married in California

Poor Gina Loudon. She had it all: nice family, political connections to the Republican establishment, a radio show to spread right-wing propaganda on. But then it all came crashing down:
"We are not the ones threatening our culture!" Loudon declared. "They're the ones threatening our culture!"
Yes, that's right, gay couples getting married in California has completely destroyed Gina Loudon's life. I can only assume that she will now go on a cocaine fueled rampage in Las Vegas for the next month, seeing as how her "culture" is so dependent upon what people 1,500 miles away are doing.


  1. Normally you are spot on in your observations, but I think that you miss the true scope of Loudon's worries. You need to consider just what that "culture" she wishes to defend entails. It may be true that she is not immediately, personally threatened by gay marriage, but since an important part of her sociopolitical group's raison d'etre is making sure that they get to control other peoples procreative and sex lives, the court ruling really does threaten what she is all about. The real operative concept for people like Loudon is loss of control and, ultimately, dominance.

  2. Poor thing! She's just trying to preserve her culture. And by "preserve," I mean force on others. And by "culture," I mean religious views."