Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Boring Fake Conspiracy From The St. Louis Tea Party

Another boring fake conspiracy theory is being pushed by the St. Louis tea party after their zero-credibility blogger Adam Sharp led yet another incident of obnoxious tea party behavior combined with misleading editing in an attempt to claim that a Democratic Congresswoman was "intimidating" constituents. Dana Loesch claimed that Congresswoman Bean "used muscle to silence constituents." Jim Hoft shrieked "Dem Congresswoman Brings in Street Thug to Threaten Constituents." And what evidence did professional crybaby Adam Sharp provide that anyone was "intimidated?' Nothing, except that there was a muscular guy working for the Congresswoman who calmly asked people to turn off their cameras.

That was it. Nothing else. But they're still desperately trying to manufacture a controversy from the event, as you can see in Sharp's video:

A few pretty obvious initial observations:
  • Adam Sharp and the other clowns were clearly interrupting a meeting that was designed to discuss other issues. In fact, it's obvious from the video that their sole purpose was to disrupt the meeting.
  • Adam Sharp, who pretty much lies in every one of his videos, lies again here claiming that they were only going to videotape the Congresswoman. They did not only videotape the Congresswoman.
  • Adam Sharp is not a constituent and it's not clear which of the people who were sent in only to cause a disturbance actually were constituents.
  • The part in the video where the guy is allegedly "hovering" over someone is simply the video, paused. Duh. If they had video of him hovering they would have presented it.

  • Should be a snoozer for everyone except Fox and Friends.

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