Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shocker Michelle Malkin Uses Edit to Make It Appear That Tea Party Was Blamed for Attempted Arson

Michelle Malkin picks up on the story from the local tea party irresponsibly accusing someone of vandalism before the facts are out and falsely claiming that the media was "blaming the St. Louis tea party." I've already discussed much of this, so I'll just focus on her misleading edit.

Here's what Malkin quotes from Chad Garrison's post:
Police aren’t releasing the man’s name until charges are officially filed. No motive was given for the attack, though one could suspect that the perpetrator is not a fan of the congressman. Given what we know of him — 50, white, angry — he certainly fits the demographics of a Tea Party member.

Perhaps, he joined his fellow “patriots” earlier this year when they burned Carnahan’s photo in effigy or placed a coffin on the sidewalk outside his home.
And what was the very next line from Garrison?
On second thought, maybe he's not a Tea Party member. Firebombing your opponent's office seems a little too, um, sane for that group.
So uh, yeah, he didn't actually accuse the tea party of firebombing. But if the tea partiers want to go ahead and cry themselves to sleep about how unfairly they are victimized like they usually do, who am I to stop them?

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  1. Michelle "anchor baby" Malkin has never been one to a) provide infor in context or b) outright tell the truth.

    I'm just surprised she did post Carnahan's home address and telephone #'s like she's done in the past. Or is she holding that in reserve?

    Oh, and that "anchor baby" crack I made about her is the truth, based on the right-wing definition.