Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stephan Colbert Schools Loesch's Hero Laura Ingraham

(a starstruck Dana Loesch)

Dana Loesch was the official host when right-wing talk show host Laura Ingraham visited St. Louis last week to promote her book "The Obama Diaries." Ingraham read passages of her book and debated Professor Marc Lamont Hill via satellite on the Larry King Show, and Twitter commenters remarked that Ingraham was using extremely offensive stereotypes of First Lady Michelle Obama when she was reading passages from her book. Colbert, in fact, remarks on this when he says Ingraham's writing contains, "hideous, hackneyed racial stereotypes." Watch the whole clip here:

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And what did Dana Loesch have to say about Ingraham's performance?

Guess she has slightly different standards than Colbert.

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