Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gina Loudon Refers to Throwing Molotov Cocktails as "a Tactic"

Gina Loudon recently contributed her own completely unoriginal take on the Carnahan office vandalism/attempted arson. Like the other leaders of the St. Louis tea party, she claimed that the "mainstream media" and "liblogs" accused the tea party of the arson. Like the others, she refused to provide any real evidence for this claim, because in fact no bloggers or media outlets accused the tea party of the act. But what really struck me about her post was this strange line:
Bill and I spoke at that time along with others in Tea Party leadership. We knew, without asking around or knowing the details, that this was not a Tea Party tactic...
While I'm glad that the tea party is not endorsing the use of molotov cocktails, I think I'd be a little more comforted if they thought of what happened not as a "tactic" but rather as an act by someone who is clearly emotionally disturbed and in need of help. Isn't it pretty bizarre that she used the word "tactic" to describe what happened?

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