Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dana Loesch Forgets What She Said Three Weeks Ago

Dana Loesch's latest conspiracy theory is that all signs comparing Obama to Hitler are actually undercover operations by left-wing plants:
Backwater sites like Think Progress... like to omit the fact that the Obama-Hitler signs (to say nothing that it was a trend started by the left and employed by them to this day, but they believe themselves exempt from apology) belong to LaRouchies.
Somehow, she amazingly "forgot" that just three weeks ago she was defending an Iowa Tea Party group for putting up a sign comparing Obama to Hitler, and said that the sign was "not inflammatory" because it was comparing "policies." Here's the video again:

Seems like just another day of right-wing hypocrisy. But here's an interesting question: does it really count as hypocrisy if you can't remember what you said 10 minutes ago? Maybe the wingnuts are not dishonest frauds shamelessly trying to dupe the public: maybe they just happen to all be like the guy from Memento.


  1. Interested ViewerAugust 8, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    Yes, she is clearly not able to keep her stories straight but of more interest to me is the recent post she did comparing Michelle Obama to a Dave Chapelle parody of a ''baller'' on Cribs in reference to (Michelle's) trip to Spain. I am anxious to see what her sponsors think her of endorsing an N word filled parody. Even those with the most strident differences from lib to conservative should be able to agree even for Dana, this is way out of line.

  2. I'm so confused. I thought that billboard was put up by the Iowa Tea Party. I mean, they admitted and took it down, correct? And is her argument really, "the Democrats did it so why can't we"? Is she in grade school? Seriously.