Monday, August 16, 2010

Dana Loesch Calls Victim of Alleged Assault a "Pansy" Who Should Be Slapped and Thrown Through Glass

Last week, campaign staffer Sean Bell filed a police report claiming he was slapped, forced to strip, and told he was going to die by Missouri Republican Representative and tea party favorite Brian Nieves (who also reportedly used the N-word repeatedly during his tirade). Nieves was infuriated because he believed Bell was responsible for an email sent out claiming that Nieves had had affairs with several lobbyists while he was in the Missouri House. In a amazing catch by FiredUp Missouri, Loesch reacted to this incident by saying that if Bell was responsible for the email, "in my opinion, you deserve to be slapped, that's just my opinion, and like Michelle, I'd have probably thrown him through a window too. I don't think that's cool. And then don't gripe about it and whine about it like a pansy."

You can listen here (crazier-than-normal comments start at about 1:30):

As noted by FiredUp, Loesch inexplicably claims that Bell was a "Democratic Operative" from "the Beltway." You can also check out two longer audio clips at the original FiredUp post that are pretty nuts.


  1. I was the one who posted this from Facebook via Fired Up!

    Brian Nieves or Dana Loesch: who is Missouri's worst nutjob?
    It's actually VERY close, but (as of now) Nieves barely crosses the goal line on that regard.

  2. Dana, who said "We are like the most behaved people ever" is advocating violence?

    Isn't it time to get her off the air?

  3. Is anyone talking about the part about Bell being forced to strip? I find this the most shocking part of the assault. Not many violent angry men would ask their male victims to strip.

  4. According to the reports, Bell was asked to take off his clothes because Nieves was worried that he was wearing a wire, although it also sounded like a weird power trip by Nieves.

  5. Yeesh. I thought it was bad enough with the neocons, but the tea party types are beginning to make them look reasonable.