Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gina Loudon Compares Gay Marriage to Marrying Animals

FiredUp Missouri catches some obnoxious behavior from John and Gina Loudon. First, check out former State Senator John Loudon telling someone to move to Iowa if he doesn't like the law:
If you want gay marriage, keep the federal government out of it. Move to a State of your choosing, and live happily gayly married ever after. This crap of you leftists getting one judge to make laws really irritates the heck out of people who believe in the rule of law. It is disgusting that you people cannot learn from the past. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You leave no choice but a US Constitutional Amendment.
But Gina Loudon's blog post is even more obnoxious, in my opinion.

First, she suggests that thinking that there's a right for people to be able to marry same sex partners is similar to thinking that there's a right for someone to be able to "marry his horse." Here's her full quote:
So one should not be surprised that progressives who could find a Constitutional right to “privacy” buried deep in the penumbras of that precious document, could also find a Constitutional “right” for men to marry men or a man to marry multiple women for that matter. How about the right of a Missouri man who did his State proud by telling the BBC that he wanted to marry his horse?
Second, Gina Loudon appears to be threatening protesters in her update:
Update: The opposition plans to be out in protest ahead of our event at 5:30. It will be interesting to learn 1) if they secured permits and 2) if they will be permitted to protest without permits. See YOU there!
I thought Mrs. Loudon was the world's biggest propoment of free speech: now she's trying to stifle people's ability to celebrate the fact that loving couples can now be legally recognized?


  1. The only enlightenment obtainable from Ms. Gina Loudon's statements is that she considers her husband's gifts inferior to her horse's. The Loudons do not appear to be acceptable experts at marriage, gay or otherwise. -Oldparasitesingle

  2. Here are some slogans for straight people for todays counter protest. BTW, did someone get the permits? hehe.

  3. I encourage everyone to vote in the poll about gay marriage on the Gina Loudon blog site.

  4. I'm presuming everyone's already seen this, since it was made in response to Pat Robertson's analogy of gay marriage and sex with ducks. But, it's a great music video so I'm posting it again.