Friday, August 20, 2010

Reminder: Ed Martin Cheered on The "Booting" and "Burning" of Russ Carnahan Photo and Chants of "Death to the Dictator"

Just to reiterate: I have no idea who firebombed Russ Carnahan's office and have no particular reason to believe it was a member of the St. Louis tea party or an Ed Martin supporter. All I know is that the police arrested a man a couple days ago and then released him citing a lack of evidence to file charges. However, I have noticed that quite a few media outlets have given special attention to Ed Martin condemning the attacks on Carnahan's office. Jake Wagman at the Post-Dispatch and Jo Mannies at the Beacon wrote that Martin was calling for, "a peaceful and prosperous political process." Several other local media outlets also highlighted Martin's condemnation, with a KMOV even absurdly saying:
Meantime, opponent Ed Martin wasted no time condemning the action on his campaign website. He agreed to an interview outside his headquarters, too...He says there are lots of things to disagree on as far as the campaigns are concerned, but he says there's no place for violence.
Weird how the Carnahan campaign couldn't or wouldn't put similar words together.
While I think it's swell and all that Ed Martin has issued a statement in opposition to the firebombing of campaign opponents offices, it also would have been nice if the local media had called out Martin earlier in the year when he was actively cheerleading a rally where his supporters "booted" a photo of Russ Carnahan and ultimately set fire to the photo, saying, "I love the way fire smells when it's burning Tyranny," and that the photo was burning slow because Carnahan is "a slow guy." Here's Martin's facebook post encouraging people to watch the video of Carnahan getting "booted:"

Here's the video he directed people to, featuring a woman yelling, "this one's from Ed Martin!:"

And here's Martin linking approvingly to Jim Hoft's post Hundreds Rally as Russ Carnahan Is ‘Booted’ and ‘Torched’ in St. Louis:

And the part of the video where Carnahan is "torched:"

In fact, in the post Ed Martin linked to, Jim Hoft said that protesters torched Carnahan's photo while chanting, "Death to the dictator:"

If Ed Martin truly wants a "peaceful and prosperous" political process, then he needs to condemn the behavior of the St. Louis Tea Party

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  1. St.Louis media sucks. What kind of backwards world do we live in where they're giving him air time speaking out against the very thing he's been cheerleading for his entire political 'career'.