Saturday, August 7, 2010

How NOT to Respond to a Sarcastic Blog Post

The strange character Jimi 971, one of the St. Louis tea party's biggest defenders on Twitter (and President-For-Life of the Dana Loesch Fan Club), took issue with my recent post that mocked Gina Loudon's claim that her culture was being "threatened" by the fact that gay couples could now get married:

So first of all, its fascinating that this guy who spends hours ranting about how the tea party is soooo open minded starts out his comment calling me an "angry gay man." Does he think that you need to be "an angry gay man" in order to be a proponent of equal rights?

Then he says that Gina Loudon, "has everything she had before." Ummmm, yeah dude, that's kinda the whole point of the post. Loudon tries to play the victim card and pretend that her life is somehow threatened by other loving couples being able to get married, but this claim is ridiculous. Her "way of life" is only threatened insofar as her way of life involves trying to push her own beliefs on everyone else. Nothing about gay marriage would directly impact anything about her life, and it's sad that she tries to force her values, via the government, on everyone else.

And while we're on the subject of poor responses, check out this nugget from Jimi when he was angry that I spoke at a rally with the NAACP:

Seems to me that Jimi is not exactly doing a good job showing the world how enlightened the tea party is.


  1. That second post sounds like Jimi's 14 yr old brother...

  2. "Jimi971" is such an intolerant hate-monger. Ironic that so many who speak out so loudly against gays are internally conflicted. I suspect that Jimi971 is a real life example of Freud's reaction formation.

  3. Dude is foolish. I don't follow him on Twitter, but I guess he follows me and will occasionally try to bait me into an argument, but I don't argue with tables, to quote Barney Frank.

  4. Looking at the list of contributors I do not understand where the IKissa reference comes from.