Thursday, September 23, 2010

How a Conservative Responds to Ed Martin's Record

An honest conservative, that is. Which, of course, rules out the entire leadership team of the St. Louis Tea Party. Well, this is how an honest conservative responds to Martin's record of obfuscation, abuse of power, and shameless slandering of a whistleblower while he was Chief of Staff to Matt Blunt:
Ed Martin may have served in the St. Louis Catholic Catholic Archdiocese, but I have been told by a former Republican Congressional candidate he is no choir boy. Apparently some language in an e-mail sent to the former candidate for not towing party lines wasn't pleasant. One of Martin's targets over the past few years was Scott Eckersley who consulted with the former Missouri Governor that his e-mails were public record under the Sunshine Law much to the distaste of the information.

In a form of retribution led by Martin and other goons, they claim Eckersley surfed for porn on state computers on the public's time. Eckersley has convincingly denied any charges, and they came up again today on the legendary KMOX.

Martin claims sticks to the claim, almost sounding frantic on the air, knowing Jeff Roe was called in to handle this little situation when the e-mails became controversial. Imagine that, Jeff Roe! Today, Eckersley addressed the charges on 1120 AM.
Read the whole post here.

The title of Bungalow Bill's post is also revealing: "Scott Eckersley Addresses Ed Martin's Slanderous Accusations on Pornography Use on State Computers."

It's not just that Ed Martin made some mistakes while he was chief of staff but now has moved on and changed into a different, more honorable person. No, Martin is STILL SLANDERING an innocent person who tried to get the Missouri executive branch to follow the law. Even after Matt Blunt sent a letter to Eckersley apologizing for saying that Eckersley was using drugs and looking at pornography on government computers and admitting that those were not accurate statements, Ed Martin is still claiming that all of the smear attacks on Eckersley are true! He is still, even to this day, engaged in shameless attacks on a fresh-out-of-college conservative who was simply trying to get the government to follow the law. And yet the tea party, which claims that
one of it's core principles is "transparency in government," hilariously buries their heads in the sand and pretends that Ed Martin is a paragon of "good government."

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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