Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gateway Pundit Shocked and Offended Anyone Would Hold Him Responsible For The Crap He Puts On His Blog

Chad Garrison at the RFT did a follow-up to my post documenting Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft's pattern of promoting racist, white supremacist web sites on his blog. He emailed Hoft to ask him why he used a video clip from the racist website when plenty of other clips of the same event were available, and here's the response:
But here's the deal: A simple Google search reveals that there are several other videos of the incident available for embedding that aren't from Why then, did Hoft choose the one from the racist website?

"Are you serious? Really?," replies Hoft to an email from Daily RFT. " I posted the video because it was the only one I found."
Hoft is shocked, shocked, that anyone could be serious about asking him why he posts videos that promote blatently racist websites! Maybe this is because Hoft has a history of doing so, and no mainstream journalists have called him out on it before.

And just to point out why this is so vile and offensive, check out this comment (#46) on Hoft's web site:
I teach my children to stay as far clear of non-Whites as is practically possible. Our girls are being groomed by the Media to be their whores, or if unwilling, their rape victims, and our boys are being taught that to speak without a ghetto patois is to be eternally, fatally uncool. Both are factors in the destruction of our society.

White children have been raised to see every black man as Dr. Huxtable or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and therefore they exist in a state of unknowing that imperils their very lives. The truth is uncomfortable, but far too dangerous to ignore.

Christian and Newsom were not exceptional. I’m sure this is quite common, but on the whole our media chooses to ignore it. If you can get fired for asking Obama a truthful question about his campaign contributions from BP, what do you think happens if you decide to run a story about black on white rape/violence statistics?
This comment is not isolated: reading through his comments section will yield an ample supply of similar hateful material. Hoft knows he will get blatantly racist comments like this, because he gets them every time he does his "white victimization" schtick, which is quite often. Yet he leaves these racist comments up on his blog while deleting those that call him out for his behavior.

By the way, Hoft has repeatedly called the NAACP "racist", and it was also his idea for the St. Louis Tea Party to preemptively attack the NAACP during their convention.

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