Friday, September 10, 2010

Whaa? A Gina Loudon Dating Site?

Palingates has been collecting a ton of information about Gina Loudon. And guess what? Gina Loudon operated a dating site! Except that it totally wasn't a dating site because it was all scientific and stuff:
Matchmakers abound, but many aren't effective because they lack insight as to what really makes relationships last. We are not a dating service. The Pro Match is a professional, scientifically based, strategic personal recruiter. Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon, founder and creator of our company is a Life Designer and Relationship Coach, with two Master's degrees and a Ph.D. in Human Development. She has written "Love in the Heartland: The Experience of Extraordinary Love" and "Finders/Keepers: Finding and Keeping Love that Lasts a Lifetime."

In an industry where it is surprisingly rare, Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon has been happily married to Senator John Loudon (ret.MO) for almost 20 years.

Our clients can range from successful politicians, doctors, lawyers, models, business leaders, professional athletes, actors, and producers, but you do not need to be famous to enlist our help. We cater exclusively to commitment-minded single people around the world. Our program is based on solid research, and our proven selection process anticipates unvetted problems that can occur by other means of introduction. Often, only one or two meetings are necessary prior to actual success and fulfillment!
And, fascinatingly, Loudon has deleted the links since palingates started writing about them. But one of the readers of palingates had already grabbed screenshots of the site, and it sure looks like a dating site to me!

Also interesting, the website is registered under Loudon's Republican PR firm Legacy Group. Why would you register a dating site there?


  1. It's just funny because her husband totally thinks I'm hot. I mean, hot enough that at the NOM counter rally he actually walked towards the enemy lines to get a better look at me after I waived at him. It was pretty obvious I was wit the counter protestors but he wanted a closer look anyway. He'd TOTALY do me.

    But yeah, I guess she's a relationship expert.

  2. Off Topic, however...This instant classic reminds me of several of the local Tea Party types.

  3. I wonder if that comment about Loudon's husband checking the commenter out is from a male?

  4. I checked the MO SoS site and this "business" does not appear in its database. I wonder if is just a glitch or whether she was operating the business without the required license.

  5. Also on Flickr there was a set of 5 pictures, including two of her standing against a wall in what was a somewhat provocative pose. Now it is only a set of three.

    It appears she is cleaning up her act.

  6. I just found this site via a link from palingates. You are all doing a great job here. I will be making this a regular stop!