Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Leader AGAIN Promotes Racist Websites

Warning: disturbing content follows.

St. Louis Tea Party leader and right-wing blogger Jim Hoft (aka Gateway Pundit) has once again promoted a racist website on his blog. Today he posted a link to a racist youtube channel promoting a blog that repeatedly uses the n-word and portrays black people as criminals and drug addicts while complaining about the victimization of white people. I'll have more on this disgusting incident below, but first I provide some background explaining how this is not the first time Hoft has promoted white supremacist websites.

In 2009, Hoft linked to a video that claimed, without any evidence, that a white child had been beaten up by black kids on a school bus. Though it was true that the boy had been beaten, the race of the attackers was never mentioned in any of the news reports (this is not to be confused with a different incident in which there was video of a bus assault). Hoft had gotten his account from the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist organization based in St. Louis, and he originally linked directly to them in his post. This was not the first time Hoft had linked to white supremacist organization Council of Conservative Citizens.

After being criticized in the comments by fellow conservatives, Hoft moved the link to the Council of Conservative Citizens blog to a new location but still kept it on the blog (see update #2; note that this is from the blog of a conservative blogger). He finally removed even that link but kept up his link to the misleading video from the youtube page of KillTheCensors. Here's the screen shot of Hoft posting the video (note that this is before he moved from blogspot):

And here's a screenshot of the video on KillTheCensors' page:

KillTheCensors youtube channel was a white supremacist propaganda outlet, posting items like, "Liberal chimpout after White Pride stickers appear at high school:"

KillTheCensors is also blatently anti-semitic, complaining about "JewTube:"

Hoft was repeatedly warned about the racist content of his links and video, as can be seen below, but he kept the videos up and deleted the comments:

Hoft never removed the video from KillTheCensors, despite these warnings, though youtube eventually suspended the account for violating their site policty.

Flash forward to today. Hoft covers a story about a kid who was beaten up in May, and he writes, "White Boy Beaten Because of Slavery." Of course, it is terrible that the guy was beaten so badly, and even more abhorrent if the charges about racism are true. However, the youtube video Hoft posts is from a user called DiversityIsOurStremf:

A brief perusal of the user's recent activity reveals him/her to be a unapologetic racist:

That comment, by the way, came after a video of a 2 year old smoking pot.

Hoft's video also prominently promotes the website

This website is even more offensive than the name suggests, repeatedly calling black people names like the "niggers" and "chimps":

In another post titled "So glad to be born white," the author writes, about an abused 14-year-old: "Like the little negros breath didn’t smell bad enough this gives new definition to shit breath."

In a different post, they refer to a two-year-old child as a "niglet:"

It is absolutely despicable that Jim Hoft, even after being warned repeatedly by others (including conservative bloggers) continues to promote racist, anti-semitic, and white supremacist websites from his blog. Maybe one incident like this could be seen as a simple mistake, but this is a clear pattern of behavior on Hoft's part that demonstrates that he is either doing this intentionally or simply does not care. Hoft needs to remove his links to racist sites and videos immediately, and apologize for promoting such filth.

And in the meantime, the St. Louis Tea Party, if it really wants to claim to be diverse and open-minded, should kick Hoft out of their leadership and repudiate his abominable behavior.

Update: Based on some feedback, I'm providing a little extra information. First of all, it looks like the site "" has now been taken down, which is pretty fascinating considering that it was up before I wrote my post. Anyway, it's still easy to track down the content. If you google, "Diversity is Crap" you'll see a link to the old website and it's racist content.

Or, alternatively, you can click on the google cache content to see the page with the links I mentioned.

Also, since people were wondering if Hoft had taken the original video down, the answer is no. In fact, it's still up on his site, although it doesn't work because youtube disabled the racist account KillTheCensors:

I have a lot more documentation then I've provided here, so feel free to ask if you have further questions.


  1. Excellent investigative work, as usual. Thank you for keeping the electorate informed of Jim Hoft's deeply troubling behavior. I hope St. Louis Tea Partiers take notice and take action ASAP.

  2. Was there another site he could have gotten the video from that was not racist? I mean, it's not as if this website added its own reportage to this video -- it's just a straight scan off the television.

  3. The St. Louis Tea Party community organizers will do NOTHING to Hoft. He promotes their agenda. He justifies them. Hoft gives them a certain degree of leverage. He provides another face to their leadership.

    I imagine most of his followers don't follow his links or delve into the actual issue at hand. He appeals to the people who blindly follow his every utterance and treat such as "fact".

    As I've said before, he's the poor man's Drudge.